Matthew S Loyd

Detector Scientist

Matt is a member of the Neutron Technologies Division, serving as a Detector Scientist for the Detector Group. His research focuses on improving scintillator-based neutron detectors for single-crystal diffraction instruments, and his other research interests include single crystal growth, novel scintillator materials, and simulating nuclear and optical processes to better understand experimental results.

Matt enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and running, as well as playing basketball, golf, and guitar.

Prior to joining ORNL, Matt was a Physical Testing Engineer at the Y-12 National Security Site researching novel non-destructive analysis techniques as well as a post-doctoral researcher at the Scintillator Materials Research Center.

PhD in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Tennessee, dissertation titled "Investigation of Environmental Degradation of Plastic Scintillators" (2019)


M.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee, thesis titled "The Development of Cesium Calcium Bromo-Iodide scintillator for X-ray and Gamma ray detection" (2017)

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