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Mariano M Ruiz-Rodriguez

Data Acquisition and Controls Software Engineer


Mariano Ruiz is a Software Engineer and works on automating the SNS (Spallation Neutron Source) Beam Lines.

He brings more than 15 years of experience in data acquisition and controls software and hardware. He has developed more than one hundred EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System) and LabVIEW® software applications for the SNS Beam Lines.

He specializes on Sample Environment and Chopper Software and Hardware.

After a SULI DOE Internship in 2004, He was offered to permanently join the SNS DAS group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Developed the LHeAF (Liquid He Auto Fill) automation section of the software and hardware. The LHeAF has been multiplied across SNS and HIFR and considerably reduces Helium waste, experiment interruptions, and man-hours.

With the help of another Engineer, developed the first T-Zero chopper Control System for Powgen. He is coordinating the development of the new T-Zero for VENUS.

Increased the sample throughput at Bio-SANS by developing the software to control the Meca Robot Sample Changer.

Contributed with the migration of the legacy DAS or SPICE beam lines to EPICS on SNS and HIFR.

Architected the Legacy Slow Controls network transition topology to facilitate the conversion to the EPICS networks topology.

Automated Cryogenic Refill System 138974.183190-US (Pending).

Barbell Level Indicator US9623285B1 (Issued).