Manesh B Shah

Senior Research Associate

I am a Computer Scientist by training, and I have worked in the field of Bioinformatics at ORNL since 1987. My current work is focused on protein structure prediction at a proteome-wide scale, molecular dynamic simulations and molecular docking. My major contribution has been in design and implementation of scalable, robust, high-throughput analysis pipelines for several Biosciences projects at ORNL. As a member of the ORNL team involved in the development of Grail and GrailEXP gene prediction software, I had developed XGrail system: a highly intuitive, interactive client GUI (Graphical User Interface); a distributed-processing compute server back-end; and a communication protocol for client/server data exchange. Subsequently, I also implemented analysis pipelines for protein structure prediction (PROSPECT) and Mass Spectrometry.

I have expertise in several programming languages, including C, C++, Perl, Python and Java.