Lawrence J Satkowiak

Nonproliferation Program Director

Dr. Larry Satkowiak serves as the director of Nonproliferation Program Office (NPO) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The NPO develops, coordinates, and assists in implementing domestic and international policy aimed at reducing threats—internal and external—to the United States from weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  The primary focus is reducing the proliferation of nuclear materials, nuclear weapons and radiological dispersal devices (RDD).  Through its nonproliferation programs, the ORNL NPO is a primary contributor to policy efforts to detect, prevent, and reverse the proliferation of WMD and RDD.  The NPO supports a range of activities related to national security, spanning research and development activities through technology deployment and technical assessments.

Larry has been employed within the Oak Ridge Complex since 1995 and at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2002.  His primary focus has been and continues to be nuclear nonproliferation.  As Program Director for the NPO, Larry is the senior program contact for ORNL’s nuclear nonproliferation programs.  He is responsible for directing the existing programs, managing program strategies, and coordinating customer relationships.  Larry serves on several national and international committees focusing on the safeguarding of nuclear materials and the nonproliferation of weapons and weapon technology.  Larry is a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Nuclear Material Management, the premier professional society addressing all aspects of nuclear materials management.

Dr. Satkowiak received his B.S. degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics and his M.S. degree in Experimental Nuclear Physics from Western Michigan University, and received his Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from the University of Notre Dame.