James "Keith" Carver


Keith Carver is a technician in the Manufacturing Sciences Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

Carver specializes in 3D-printing of metal parts using laser powder bed systems. He is known for parts design/redesign of customer parts, designing special support structures required for printing and creating hybrid additive/subtractive parts designs. His skills include SolidWorks, design for additive, and programming/operation of laser powder bed systems.  

Carver developed mechanic and construction skills at a young age. As a youth, he helped family members restore antique automobiles, build hot-rods, repair wreck-damaged autos, and perform automotive maintenance. He also helped with home maintenance, construction, and general building & carpentry projects. This exposure lead to a fascination with mechanical systems.

Carver attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga earning a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechanics. He began his career as a shop engineer working with continuous improvement projects at Norfolk Southern Corporation. NS restructuring eliminated shop engineer positions and Carver worked in management as a mechanical supervisor and general foreman for several years before leaving the company. Desiring a more design and hands-on based career, Carver attended Pellissippi State earning Associates Degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Technology. Skills and interests lie in the areas of parts design, 3D printing, machining, mechatronics, and mechanics.      

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

A.A.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology from Pellissippi State

A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology from Pellissippi State

Patent No.: US 11,155,903 B2 Soft Magnetic Alloy Embodiments for Additive Manufacturing and Geometric Structures Formed Therefrom - project team member - contributions include CAD design and geometry