Headshot of Justin, wearing a plaid shirt

Justin R Kinney

R&D Associate

Dr. Justin R. Kinney, Ph.D., has been with Oak Ridge National Laboratory since 2021 as an R&D Associate in the National Security Sciences - Learning Sciences, Nuclear Nonproliferation division. He serves as a Behavior Science expert with a background in studying insider threat, radicalization and terrorism, international politics, and other forms of global security.

Prior to working with ORNL, Dr. Kinney spent time with Oak Ridge Associated Universities as a Research Associate, where he specialized in studying security and safety cultures at various Department of Energy sites around the country. While there, he also worked on security projects for other contractors, including the U.S. Military, assisted in market research analysis, and performed business development tasks. He also worked for the University of Tennessee before that position, teaching undergraduate courses in Foreign Policy, International Politics, and Terrorism Studies.

His doctorate from the University of Tennessee was in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations and Global Security. His doctoral dissertation examined the explanatory factors that go into the decision-making process of violent, extremist organizations when they construct and utilize online social media platforms.