portrait, library of U. Minnesota (during sabbatical leave)

Juan M Restrepo

Section Head, Mathematics In Computation

Distinguished Member of the R&D Staff

Fellow American Physical Society, Fellow Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Other Awards: Career Prize, SIAM Geosciences, DOE Young Investigator Award, ORISE Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship.

I specialize in non-equilibrium statistical and deterministic dynamics and work on methodologies that incorporate data and physical models as well as artificial intelligence methods for classification and reduction. I have a track record in research in estimation theory and data assimilation as well as sampling in Bayesian problems.

Among other projects, I am working on interpretable artificial intelligence methods, high performance ensemble computing, sampling methods. I also work on time dependent probabilistic methods in statistical physics.

My applications research span systems biology, electric grids, ocean transport, climate dynamics, epidemics, coastal resilience, oil spills and nearshore processes.


I hold a Joint Faculty appointment in the Mathematics Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville,  and an adjunct faculty position in the Mathematics Department at Oregon State University.

Prior to ORNL I was a faculty member at Oregon State University, and at the University of Arizona.

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