Joe Paddison

Joe A Paddison

Neutron Scattering Scientist

  • Computational Instrument Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2024-).
  • Distinguished Staff Fellow & R&D Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2019-2024).
  • Junior Research Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK (2016-2019).
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (2015-2016). Mentor: Prof. Martin Mourigal.
  • DPhil (PhD) Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK (2011-2015). Advisers: Prof. Andrew Goodwin (Oxford) and Dr. Ross Stewart (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory).
  • MChem Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK (2007-2011).


My research focuses on understanding quantum materials in which disorder of atoms and magnetic moments generates unconventional states of matter. I use a combination of scattering experiments and atomistic modeling techniques to study the structures and behavior of these materials at the nanoscale. I work in the Neutron Diffraction section and as part of the Basic Energy Sciences project Understanding Quantum Matter Beyond the Unit Cell. Please visit my research page for more information about my work.


I am the author of the software packages Spinteract, Spinvert, and Scatty for modeling scattering data from spin liquids and disordered materials. Please visit my software page to download and learn more about these programs.

Selected Publications

A selection of my publications is shown below. Please see my Google Scholar page or download my CV for my full publication list.

  1. Spinteract: A Program to Refine Magnetic Interactions to Diffuse Scattering Data, J A M Paddison, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 35, 495802 (2023).
  2. Magnetic Interactions of the Centrosymmetric Skyrmion Material Gd2PdSi3, J A M Paddison, B K Rai, A F May, S Calder, M B Stone, M D Frontzek, A D Christianson, Physical Review Letters 129, 137202 (2022).
  3. Suppressed-Moment 2-k Order in the Canonical Frustrated Antiferromagnet Gd2Ti2O7. J A M Paddison, G Ehlers, A B Cairns, J S Gardner, O A Petrenko, N P Butch, D D Khalyavin, P Manuel, H E Fischer, H Zhou, A L Goodwin, J R Stewart, npj Quantum Materials 6, 1 (2021).
  4. Scattering Signatures of Bond-Dependent Magnetic Interactions. J A M Paddison, Physical Review Letters 125, 247202 (2020).
  5. Cluster Frustration in the Breathing Pyrochlore Magnet LiGaCr4S8. G Pokharel, H S Arachchige, T J Williams, A F May, R S Fishman, G Sala, S Calder, G Ehlers, D S Parker, T Hong, A R Wildes, D Mandrus, J A M Paddison, and A D Christianson, Physical Review Letters 125, 167201 (2020). Research highlight
  6. Ultrafast Calculation of Diffuse Scattering from Atomistic Models. J A M Paddison, Acta Crystallographica A75,14-24 (2019). 
  7. Continuous Excitations of the Triangular-Lattice Quantum Spin Liquid YbMgGaO4. J A M Paddison, M Daum, Z L Dun, G Ehlers, Y Liu, M B Stone, H D Zhou, and M Mourigal, Nature Physics 13, 117 (2017).
  8. Emergent Order in the Kagome Ising Magnet Dy3Mg2Sb3O14. J A M Paddison, H S Ong, J O Hamp, P Mukherjee, X Bai, M G Tucker, N P Butch, C Castelnovo, M Mourigal, and S E Dutton, Nature Communications 7,13842 (2016).
  9. Hidden Order in Spin-Liquid Gd3Ga5O12. J A M Paddison, H Jacobsen, O A Petrenko, M-T Fernández-Díaz, P P Deen, and A L Goodwin, Science 350, 179 (2015).
  10. Empirical Magnetic Structure Solution of Frustrated Spin Systems. J A M Paddison and A L Goodwin, Physical Review Letters 108, 017204 (2012).