Jordan P Lefebvre

Jordan P Lefebvre

R&D Staff

Mr. Lefebvre is an R&D Staff member in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division at ORNL specializing in technology integration. Since coming to the lab in 2009, he has architected and delivered solutions supporting DOE, DOD and the NRC. He is the lead developer of ORNL’s Airborne Debris Collection Planning Tool for route planning through nuclear debris cloud and the Fallout Inject Tool for supporting exercise controllers. In 2017 and 2018, He contributed to Sandia National Laboratories’ Specialized Hazard Assessment Response Capability (SHARC) code by integrating ORNL’s DELFIC and NOAA ARL’s HYSPLIT codes. Since 2012, He has been a guest scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory contributing to the INVERSE code in support of DOE emergency response research (NA-22) and technology integration (NA-84). From 2009 to 2016, he supported the modernization development of the SCALE code system as the Infrastructure Team Lead and later on an as needed consulting basis. In 2017, he received the DOE/NNSA Joule Award in recognition of outstanding contributions made for transferring Inverse Depletion Theory (INDEPTH) software for Environmental Sampling to the International Atomic Energy Agency.


2017 DOE/NNSA Office of International Nuclear Safeguards Joule Award.

Awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions made in the transfer of the Inverse Depletion Theory Software for Environmental Sampling Analysis to the International Atomic Energy Agency