Jessica Nicole Welch

Jessica N Welch

Technical Associate Staff Member

Since September 2018, I have held a position at the ORNL DAAC, NASA's data archive center for terrestrial biogeochemistry, ecology, and environmental processes. At present, I assist in the coordination and planning of the project, especially in my role as a Scrum Master for Earthdata Cloud migration. I also contribute to the curation and publication of datasets, science communications, and creating a variety of website content. Beginning in January 2024, I will serve as a Federal Coordinating Lead Author for the National Nature Assessment, which aims to increase knowledge of nature in the United States and its links to global change.

Outside of my work with NASA, I serve on a BETO project to support the CEM Biofuture Platform in its efforts to promote an evidence-based understanding of sustainable biomass production and use.

I have previously served the following projects within the Environmental Sciences Division.

  • Data Management for NGEE-Arctic
  • Generic Standard for File-Level Metadata and Comma-Separated Data Files for the ESS-DIVE
  • Water Risk for the Bulk Power System: Asset to Grid Impacts for the GMLC
  • Accelerating Bioenergy Technology Advancement Through FAIR Data Delivery for BETO

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) in 2017. See my outdated website to learn about my time in graduate school.

Great Smoky Mountain Council of the Boy Scouts of America

  • Volunteer at fundraisers and events, particularly for the Mt. Le Conte District.
  • Assist in hosting fundraisers to support over 10,000 young people annually across 21 counties in East Tennessee.

Green McAdoo Cultural Center

  • Serve as a board member to help tell the story of the Clinton 12, the courageous black students who desegregated Clinton High School in August 1956.
  • Contribute to preserving and promoting the historical significance of the first desegregated public high school in the Southern U.S.

Kiwanis Club of Knoxville Member

  • Serve as a board member to support children of East Tennessee through initiatives like its Fresh Air Camp.
  • Engage in community service projects to make a positive impact on the lives of local children.

UT Promise Mentor

  • Provide valuable support, encouragement, and guidance to undergraduate students who receive the UT Promise scholarship.
  • Serve as a resource and mentor to help students navigate their academic journey in the University of Tennessee System.

My LinkedIn Profile provides past outreach activities.