Jeff Cornett

Jeffrey B Cornett

Manager, Industrial Partnerships & Economic Development

Jeff Cornett has served on the Industrial & Economic Development Partnership team for the last 10 years.  Prior to joining Oak Ridge National Lab he served in leadership roles for 9 years in private industry. He was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies), with responsibilities for developing collaborative relationships with aviation related technology-based industries, universities, and national labs. During this time Cornett also spent time as a risk consultant with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS Consulting) assigned to projects with the Department of Homeland Security, Railroad Research Foundation, maritime port operators, and numerous chemical industry clients such as chemical manufacturers, oil & gas refineries, paper product manufacturers, and special material manufacturers assisting them with government regulatory compliance. 

Prior to becoming an executive with Safe Skies, Cornett spent 9 years in DOE Oak Ridge Protective Services with both Lockheed Martin Energy Systems and Wackenhut Services-Oak Ridge. Throughout this period he served in several security capacities; tactical response, computing and telecommunications, and management/implementation of the performance testing program. 

Mr. Cornett has extensive experience performing operational evaluations of security technology components, systems, and personnel as well as performing risk and vulnerability analyses of implemented or concept systems. His diverse background represents a unique blend of operational, technical, and managerial skills that provide practical solutions for the issues facing industry, communities, and government. Mr. Cornett holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management (MAOM) from Tusculum College.

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