James E Radle

Nuclear Non-proliferation Specialist

Mechanical Engineer with a BS from the University of Tennessee.  Research and Development Engineer with Proctor and Gamble Corporation from 1977 - 1982 specializing in Polymer extrusion development.  Hired into Union Carbide at the Y-12 Site in 1982 as an Assembly Engineer.  Held various positions at Y-12 including: Assembly Engineer, Quality Engineer, Warehouse MAA Manager, Assembly Engineer Manager, Transportation Safety Manager, Small Business Technology Transfer Manager, Y-12 Assembly Operations Manager, and Metal Preparation Casting Operations Manager.  Transferred from Y-12 to ORNL in 2003 as a Senior Researcher in the Nuclear Non-proliferation organization.  Held positions Program Manager for the Arms Control NA-243 Program, HEU Transparency Program and NA-232 Emerging threat Program.  Am currently the Program Manager for the Mobile Uranium Facility.


Building 7601 Office 123
7605 Mobile Uranium Facility 

Specialized Equipment

Uranium Material recovery equipment MECC facilities, Glove Boxes, Ventilation systems, Shearing equipment, uranium processing equipment, furnaces, etc. etc.