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Hayden R Esser

DevOps Engineer

Hayden Esser is a DevOps Engineer for the Digital Manufacturing and Analyses Frameworks group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Cloud Computing at Western Governors University and his Associate of Science in Programming and Web Development from Tallahassee Community College. During his tenure at ORNL, his primary focus has been in supporting the development efforts and maintenance of operations for an array of software applications for building energy efficiency analysis.

Notable Software Applications

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Web Screening Tool is for quick techno-economic analysis of GSHP applications in nearly any building in the United States. The tool uses the latest developments in borehole heat exchanger modeling and allows for rapid auto-sizing of borehole heat exchangers to meet thermal demands.

Building Science Advisor (BSA) is a no-cost, web-based tool that provides expert guidance on the moisture durability and energy efficiency of new and retrofit wall assembly designs.

The Weatherization Assistant is a web based tool expanding on the success of the desktop application and is a suite of four audit tools to specifically help states and local weatherization agencies implement the US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program, although it can be used by utilities and other home energy professionals.