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Eugene Cochran III

Senior Commercialization Manager

Eugene Cochran is a Senior Commercialization Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) where his focus is on intellectual property management and technology commercialization. In addition to holding past technical staff positions with IBM, Perkin-Elmer, GCA/Tropel, and WYKO he has over eight years experience in the design and development of optical systems. Cochran has over twenty-five years experience in the field of technology transfer and early stage venture development. Early in his career he served as a Director within the Commercialization Group of Research Corporation Technologies (RCT). In this position Eugene was responsible for the evaluation and commercialization of inventions in several fields including medical devices, biotechnology, physics, materials, and instrumentation. He gained considerable exposure to a broad range of technologies and markets, while demonstrating considerable success in licensing patents and starting, early-stage, high tech companies.Immediately prior to joining ORNL, Eugene served as a Senior Licensing Associate and the Sector Director for Physical Sciences at the University of Arizona Office For Technology Transfer. While in that position Eugene provided assistance to the faculty in perfecting patent rights, and helping to commercialize university based inventions and technologies. During his time at the university he also held the position of the Administrative Director, in the Center for Integrated Access Networks. As the Administrative Director he assisted in the management of an $18.5M plus budget of the NSF Engineering Research Center.Eugene holds a PhD in Optical Sciences, as well as a strong professional background in technology commercialization. In addition, his expertise includes the evaluation, administration and management of early stage technology start-ups. His experience in this area includes setting up early-stage ventures, business valuation, administration management, writing of business and development plans, management of intellectual property, licensing, funding new ventures, and strategic planning.


Larry Dickens Technology Transfer Award 2015FLC Award for Technology Transfer 2017 - Superhydrophobic Transparent Glass Thin Film Innovation License to SamsungFLC Award for Technology Transfer 2018 - ORNL's Co-Development and Licensing of Large Additive Area Manufacturing TechnologiesUT-Battelle Awards Night 2017 - Technology TransferUT-Battelle Awards Night 2018 - Technology Transfer


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