Eric Morris

Eric O Morris

Analysis Manager, US ITER

Eric Morris is manager of engineering analysis at US ITER. He leads the activities of the engineering analysis team to support progress through final design and ultimately fabrication and delivery of US ITER systems. 

Eric first joined US ITER as a structural engineer in 2013, working as a subcontractor for National Resource Management. He then joined the project as a structural engineer staff member in 2018. Over the years, he has contributed to US ITER magnet systems, tokamak cooling water system, vacuum auxiliary system, and electron cyclotron and ion cyclotron transmission lines. He is experienced in supervising structural analysis teams, performing and delivering analysis for system reviews, interfacing with the ITER Organization, and acting as a technical procurement officer for specific components. He has 12 years of engineering and design experience with steel, concrete, aluminum, and wood structures. His experience includes performing structural engineering with National Resource Management for the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Prior to joining US ITER, Eric performed work as a structural engineer for O’Neal Inc. and Pan Carolina, both located in South Carolina.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Clemson University. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Tennessee.