Craig A Blue

Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager

Dr. Craig Blue is the Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for the Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Portfolio at ORNL represents significant DOE program investments in areas including the Advanced Manufacturing Office, Building Technologies Office, and Vehicle Technologies Office, and capitalizes on ORNL’s world-class user facilities such as the Spallation Neutron Source, Center for Nanophase Materials Science, Building Technologies Research and Integration Center, Carbon Fiber Technology Facility, Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, and the National Transportation and Research Center.

Craig's pioneering spirit brings a rich background as both a researcher and scientific leader to his new position. He has more than 21 years of experience in conducting research in materials and manufacturing technologies, has authored nearly 100 open literature publications, holds 15 U.S. patents, and has received multiple awards including 10 R&D 100 Awards. He has served by invitation on numerous scientific and technical review panels, committees, and convocations convened by the National Science Foundation, the Council on Competitiveness, Manufacturing USA, and National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. He is a Battelle Distinguished Inventor, Fellow of ASM International, holds faculty appointments at the University of Tennessee, University of North Texas, and the Colorado School of Mines.

In his most recent role, Craig served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, an Institute within the White House Manufacturing USA initiative comprising of a public-private partnership to increase domestic production capacity, grow manufacturing, and create jobs across the US composite industry.


2015 UT-Battelle Distinguished Inventor for more than 14 career patents.
2014 UT Battelle Awards Night, Excellence in Science and Technology Transfer for the development of Big Area Additive Manufacturing.
2014 UT Battelle Awards Night, Director’s Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment, for the development of Big Area Additive Manufacturing.
2014 Technology Commercialization Award in recognition of successful commercial license of an invention or software.
2013 Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for Pulse Thermal Processing a technology for thermally processing thin film structures, allowing high-temperature processing on low-cost and temperature-sensitive substrates, such as plastics.
2012 UT Battelle Awards Night, Engineering Research and Development Award for exceptional R&D engineering accomplishments resulting in the establishment of unique, world-leading capabilities for demonstrating and facilitating implementation of alternative carbon fiber production technologies, thereby saving energy and promoting economic development.
2011 UT Battelle Awards Night, Team Exceptional Community Outreach Award for outstanding dedication in the mentoring of young people, through a complex engineering challenge, to be science and technology leaders.
2011 UT Battelle Awards Night, Excellence in Technology Transfer for development and licensing of AFA steels, a revolutionary new class of heat-resistant steels for higher-efficiency energy production and chemical process industry applications.
2010 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Industrial Partnerships Award for Outstanding Leadership of the Carbon Fiber Program.
2010 Gordon Battelle Prize for Technology Impact, “Low-cost Carbon Fiber and Composites.”
2009 Selected by the Board of Trustees of American Society of Metals International as a Fellow of the Society
2008 Selected to serve on the Review Panel at National Science Foundation, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Washington, D.C.
2007 Selected to serve on an Office of the Secretary of Defense Title Three review committee for a significant, $100 million investment in low-cost titanium.
2007 Selected to serve on the Review Panel at National Science Foundation, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Washington, D.C.


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