Clint Ausmus Portrait

Clint Ausmus

Process Development Engineer

As a late career technical professional, Clint Ausmus finds satisfaction in mentoring new staff, participating in multidiscipline technical problem-solving teams, and managing projects. His experience has instilled a diligence for understanding the hazards of any task and a passion for helping early career staff develop the same diligence.

Clint joined ORNL in 1995 and has been involved in hands-on problem solving in all areas of ORNL Stable Isotopes, including Operations of Calutron, Modern EMIS, PSP and limited GCIS enrichment technologies. He has worked on specialized target fabrications for beamlines and reactors around the globe. He has experience with methods development and problem solving in solid state, gas phase and plasma chemistry, as well as high-pressure, high-hazard, and high-value gas system design.  With isotopically enriched elements of probably half of the periodic table, he has produced custom fabricated products for customers at ORNL and around the world for applications from basic science research to homeland security to stable precursors for medical radiotherapy. 

Clint holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Lincoln Memorial University.