Clarice E Phelps

Researcher, Medical, Industrial, & Research Isotopes Group

Clarice Phelps serves as the program manager for the Ni-63 and Se-75 industrial use isotope programs. She is also a member of the research and development staff in the Nuclear Materials Processing Group with several years of combined experience in the processing, analyzing, recovery, and purification of transuranic isotopes. Clarice is currently working on research efforts in the area of actinide and lanthanide separations for medical use isotopes. 

She has previously contributed to several notable research efforts to include the purification of the Bk-249 used to help discover Z=117, spectroscopic analysis of Pu-238/ Np-237 and their valance states for the Pu-238/ NASA project, and electrodeposition work with Cf-252 for the CARIBU (Californium Rare Isotope Breeder Upgrade) Project. 

She is a member of the American Chemical Society as well as as the Educational Outreach Committee for the Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate.