Christina M Hoffmann

Neutron Scattering Scientist

Using neutron scattering with emphasis on single crystal neutron diffraction to decipher the structure - property relationship in predominantly single crystalline materials. 

Exploring collaboration for scientific discovery in the role of science initiative coordinator for chemistry, geochemistry and environmental science.  

Summary of Competencies:

  • Understanding and excellence in single crystal science using neutron diffraction for functional, ferroelectric, multiferroic, materials; high pressure rock-forming phases, catalytic materials.
  • Serving on relevant advisory panels and committees for technical development and professional scientific associations
  • Securing funding for major equipment, new development and software from internal, national and international funding agencies and compute time at flagship research computing facilities.
  • Mentoring and co-mentoring internally and externally funded students, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and collaborative research appointments 
  • Developing a place for innovation and a living interchange of ideas 
  • Management, conception, modeling, design, fabrication, build and commissioning of a now thriving first-generation neutron scattering instrument, the TOPAZ time-of-flight Laue single crystal neutron diffractometer at the Spallation Neutron Source, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



  • Developing a successful science program for single crystal neutron diffraction
  • Organizing national and international conferences, meetings and workshops or sessions and tutorials for topical and general neutron science and instrument development efforts and user community development
  • Publishing scientific results in peer reviewed journals, invited and topical presentations 
  • Chairing and participating in laboratory wide and NSD relevant committees
  • Reporting pertinent results, updating stakeholders, securing science community engagement and feedback