Brian Egle

Brian J Egle

Section Head, Stable Isotope Research, Development and Production

Brian J. Egle heads the Stable Isotope Research, Development and Production Section in the Enrichment Science and Engineering Division of the Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate, a position he took in 2020.

Prior to becoming section head, Brian was a senior research engineer in fusion energy and group leader of the Isotope Development Group. He’s served in multiple leadership roles for ORNL’s isotopes program. As a Weinberg Fellow, he developed a new heavy element ion source concept that is now the core technology of ORNL’s electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) program. He received the DOE Office Science Appreciation Award for the enrichment of ruthenium-96, the first stable isotope produced in the United States since 1998, and he was recognized with a 40 Under 40 Early Career Award from Knoxville’s business community.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and master’s and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering-engineering physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before joining ORNL in 2010, he spent five years as an engineer with Andersen Window Company, where he helped take a green field factory and new product line from early development to over a one-million windows produced.

Brian is a member of the American Nuclear Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the American Physical Society.  Research interested include Electromagnetic Isotope Separation, electron and high-ion plasma sources, magnet design, Plasma Separation Process, high flux neutron sources for fusion materials testing, and fusion technology development.