Benton Sparks

Benton M Sparks Jr

HPC Network Engineer

Benny has been in the networking field since 1998, and has worked extensively with baseband and broadband communications. He worked in Healthcare IT for 16 years before transitioning to NICS in September of 2011. At NICS, Benny supported the University of Tennessee “Kraken” supercomputer for over 5 years. In April of 2015 he joined the networking team within NCCS, which maintains all aspects of LAN/WAN security, design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of internal infrastructure to support the supercomputing resources of the division. The networking team is primarily open source with respect to network management and monitoring systems, employing Linux-based services requiring an in-depth knowledge of Linux and scripting techniques. Maintaining a high speed, redundant network infrastructure is the primary responsibility of the team.