Dr Andrew R. Burgoyne

Andrew R Burgoyne

Radiochemist, Medical Isotope Development Group

Dr Burgoyne is the principal investigator for the production and R&D efforts of accelerator-produced Ac-225 (cGMP) from Th-232, for the fabrication of Ra-224/Pb-212 generators from Th-228, and for W-188/Re-188 production. He is a R&D Staff Member Radiochemist in the Medical Isotope Development Group within the Radioisotope Science and Technology Division. 

He received his B.S. (2009) with a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry, B.S. (Hons) (2010) and M.S. (2012) in Chemistry (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and his Ph.D. (2015) in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After a stint as a postdoctoral research fellow at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Dr Burgoyne established developed new radiopharmaceuticals and established production efforts for radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN. 

Dr Burgoyne's main interests lie in radioisotope production and purification, particularly in radiolanthanides and actinides. He leads radioisotope production and dispensing efforts within building 4501 for the DOE Isotope Program.