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Andrew D Sutton

Group Leader and Senior Scientist

Andrew Sutton Ph.D. is an ORNL R&D Senior Scientist and Group Leader for the Chemical Process Scale-Up Group at ORNL. He has extensive synthetic experience in the synthesis of fuels and chemicals from bioderived molecules by using bioderived building blocks to rationally construct more complex carbon scaffolds.  This includes the development, synthesis and characterization of new catalysts and catalytic materials to perform carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and selective defunctionalization using low temperature and low-pressure systems in order to minimize the energy usage while increasing the overall carbon yield of the product.



2020 - Present.  Group Leader & Senior Scientist                         


2010 - 2020. Research Staff Member 

2013 - 2020. Team Leader, Chemistry Division, Inorganic, Isotope and Actinide Chemistry Group (C-IIAC)  

2017 - 2018.  Deputy Group Leader (Acting), C-IIAC

Postdoctoral Research Associate

2007 - 2010.  Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM.  Advisor: Dr. John. C. Gordon. 

2006 - 2007.  University of California, Berkeley, CA. Advisor: Prof. John Arnold.

2004 - 2006.  University of California, Davis, CA. Advisor: Prof. Philip P. Power.

2023: EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winner with CaptisAire

2020: R&D100 Award Recipient, Green Technology. Oleo Furanic Surfactants with Sironix Renewables

2019: Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation – Innovation Honor Society Inductee

2018: LANL FY17 Postdoctoral Distinguished Mentor Award

2018: ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Undergrad. Research (Mentor)

2016: Los Alamos National Laboratory Distinguished Mentor Award

2011: LANL Postdoctoral Publication Prize in Experimental Sciences 

2000 - 2004. University of Manchester, UK. Ph.D., Chemistry.  Thesis: Aspects of Perrhenate and Pertechnetate Redox and Coordination Chemistry

1995 - 1999. University of Manchester, UK. M.Chem (Hons.)., Chemistry.

Recyclable Polymers From Environmentally Benign Building Blocks, US Patent 11,680,152, 2023

Systems and Methods for Making Fuels, U.S. Pat. No. 11,565,9863, 2023

Processes for the preparation of alkyl furans using bifunctional copper catalysts, US Patent 11,718,598, 2023

Method for Conversion of Diols to Olefin Products, US Patent 11,780,787, 2023

Method for making substituted furan compound embodiments and derivatives thereof, US Patent 11,807,614, 2023

Separation, Recovery and Upgrading of Biomass Derived 2,3-Butanediol, US Patent 11.565,989, 2023.

Systems and Methods for Making Fuels, U.S. Pat. No. 11,306,039, 2022

Synthesis of Fuels and Feedstocks, U.S. Pat. No. 9,783,477. 2018.

Conversion of Bioderived Acetone and/or Isopropanol to Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, US Patent 1,032,9228. 2016

Conversion of Oligomeric Starch, Cellulose or Sugars to Hydrocarbons, U.S. Pat. No. 9,751,815. 2016.

Compounds and Methods For The Production of Long Chain Hydrocarbons From Biological Sources, US Patent 9,422,207. 2016.  

Regeneration of Ammonia Borane From Polyborazylene, U.S. Pat. No. 8,367,027. 2013.

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