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Alex F Koldys

Labs and Soft Matter Technician

Alex Koldys holds a Technician and Lab Space Manager role within the Labs & Soft Matter Group. The Labs & Soft Matter group’s principal objective is to enable groundbreaking scientific innovation by providing dependable support services, optimizing sample management processes, creating effective laboratory environments, and delivering cutting-edge sample environments for soft matter samples.


As a technician specializing in Labs & Soft Matter, Alex provides multifaceted support for sample management, laboratory procedures, and facility operations, serving both internal and external collaborators. Outside routine tasks, Alex developing improvements to sample management, sample handling, and sample tracking by integrating modern technology such as radio frequency identification and QR codes into the current processes. Also, in collaboration with Sample Environment staff, he assists in the development of new capabilities within soft matter sample environments.


Alex began his journey with ORNL in 2019, joining as a Labs and Sample Support Intern. Since then, he has become a key member of the Labs & Soft Matter Group, contributing significantly to their ongoing projects and developments.


Educationally, Alex holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, which he earned from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Additionally, he is currently pursuing further education in Additive Manufacturing at Pellissippi State Community College. His academic background complements his current role, infusing a unique perspective and further fortifying his contributions enabling science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Neutron Spirit Award, for “Efficient and cheerful support of Neutron Scattering Division users and staff, enabling safe operations and productive research through pandemic restrictions and the return to on-site operations” - 2022

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga | Chattanooga, Tennessee

B.S. in Environmental Science: Biology