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Technical Guidance on Use of the Netzsch LFA 447 Nanoflash for Measurement of Ceramic-Metallic (Cermet) Pellet Specimen...

by Gretchen K Toney, Christopher L Jensen
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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The Netzsch LFA 447 Nanoflash Instrument uses the laser flash method to measure thermal diffusivity of a material. Thermal conductivity can be determined if specific heat and density are known for that material. The 238Pu Supply Program is interested in re-establishing the capability to determine thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of various 237Np Al/cermet samples during heating. The bottom side of a plane parallel sample is heated by an energy pulse from a light source (in this case a xenon lamp). An infrared (IR) detector is on the top side of the sample which detects the time dependent temperature rise of the sample due to the energy input from the xenon lamp. The LFA 447 Nanoflash is user-friendly, simple to operate, and has minor sample preparation which will allow technicians to be trained easily on its use. When using the multi-property measurement option, the LFA 447 Nanoflash can determine both thermal diffusivity and specific heat which means only density is needed to identify the thermal conductivity of a sample. This equipment is recognized for being highly accurate and having fast test times, replacing steady-state methods which have proven to be difficult and much slower.