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Synthesizing pseudo-Kossel lines from neutron transmission data. I. An analytical approach for recovering single-crystal orie...

by Luc L Dessieux, Alexandru D Stoica, Matthew J Frost, Antonio F Moreira Dos Santos
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Applied Crystallography
Publication Date
Page Numbers
477 to 490

The energy-dispersive neutron spectra transmitted through single crystals are characterized by sharp Bragg dips at specific wavelengths, where Bragg's law is being fulfilled for certain crystallographic planes. This phenomenon allows for developing methods for crystal-orientation determination techniques similar to electron backscatter diffraction and X-ray diffraction microscopy. This work presents a new procedure to recover the orientation matrix for single crystals using transmission spectra recorded during rotation of a crystal about an axis perpendicular to a polychromatic neutron beam. The proposed method consists of an initial transformation of the as-collected wavelength–rotation maps to a wavevector K space, resulting in linear pseudo-Kossel lines that are suitable for analysis and indexing using image-processing procedures. Simulated neutron transmission spectra through a copper crystal with known orientations were used to set and prove the numerical approach. This technique may be expanded for cases where the neutron beam intersects multiple single-crystal grains with different orientations.