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A super-resolution technique to analyze single-crystal inelastic neutron scattering measurements using direct-geometry choppe...

by Jiao Lin, Gabriele Sala, Matthew B Stone
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Review of Scientific Instruments
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Direct-geometry time-of-flight chopper neutron spectroscopy is instrumental in studying dynamics in liquid, powder, and single crystal systems. We report here that real-space techniques in optical imagery can be adapted to obtain reciprocal-space super resolution dispersion for phonon or magnetic excitations from single-crystal neutron spectroscopy measurements. The procedure to reconstruct super-resolution energy dispersion of excitations relies on an accurate determination of the momentum and energy-dependent point spread function and a dispersion correction technique inspired by an image disparity calculation technique commonly used in stereo imaging. Applying these methods to spinwave dispersion data from a virtual neutron experiment demonstrates ∼5-fold improvement over nominal energy resolution.