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Research Collaboration Analysis Using Text and Graph Features...

by Drahomira Herrmannova, Petr Knoth, Christopher G Stahl, Robert M Patton, Jack C Wells
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1 to 12
Conference Name
19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing
Conference Location
Hanoi, Vietnam
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

Patterns of scientific collaboration and their effect on scientific production have been the subject of many studies. In this paper we analyze the nature of ties between co-authors and study collaboration patterns in science from the perspective of semantic similarity of authors who wrote a paper together and the strength of ties between these authors (i.e. how much have they previously collaborated together). These two views of scientific collaboration are used to analyze publications in the TrueImpactDataset [11], a new dataset containing two types of publications - publications regarded as seminal and publications regarded as literature reviews by field experts. We show there are distinct differences between seminal publications and literature reviews in terms of author similarity and the strength of ties between their authors. In particular, we find that seminal publications tend to be written by authors who have previously worked on dissimilar problems (i.e. authors from different fields or even disciplines), and by authors who are not frequent collaborators. On the other hand, literature reviews in our dataset tend to be the result of an established collaboration within a discipline. This demonstrates that our method provides meaningful information about potential future impacts of a publication which does not require citation information.