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Progress on the Proton Power Upgrade of the Spallation Neutron Source...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Page Numbers
2445 to 2448
Publisher Location
Geneva, Switzerland
Conference Name
8th International Particle Accelerator Conference
Conference Location
Copenhagen, Denmark
Conference Sponsor
European Spallation Source
Conference Date

The Proton Power Upgrade Project is underway at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Labor-atory and will double the proton beam power capability from 1.4 MW to 2.8 MW to provide increased neutron intensity at the first target station and to support future operation of the second target station. This will be ac-complished by increasing the beam energy to 1.3 GeV and the beam current to 38 mA (average during the macropulse). Installation of 28 additional superconduct-ing cavities and their associated technical systems will provide for the energy increase. Increased beam loading throughout the accelerator will be accommodated primar-ily through the use of existing margin in the RF systems and the installation of 700 kW klystrons to power the new superconducting cavities. Upgrades of a few existing RF stations may also be needed. The injection and ex-traction regions of the accumulator ring will be upgraded, a ring to second target station tunnel stub will be con-structed, and a 2 MW target will be developed for the first target station. The project anticipates attainment of Criti-cal Decision 1 in 2017 to ratify the project conceptual design and cost range.