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In operando neutron imaging characterizations of all-solid-state batteries

by Daxian Cao, Yuxuan Zhang, Tongtai Ji, Hongli Zhu
Publication Type
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MRS Bulletin
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1 to 12

The surge in electric vehicle demand has propagated the extensive application of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) in recent years. Gaining significant traction due to their promising high-energy density and elevated safety over traditional LIBs, all-solid-state Li batteries (ASLBs) have nonetheless been faced with hurdles relating to battery performance. These include concerns with interfacial compatibility, structural stability, Li dendrite inhibition, and large-scale manufacturing. To tackle these issues, it is necessary to employ advanced characterization methods to comprehend the intrinsic mechanisms within ASLBs. In this article, we advocate for the use of neutron imaging as a nondestructive approach for the operando visualization of ASLBs. We draw comparisons with other operando visualization strategies, underline the benefits of neutron imaging, and discuss its potential applicability in the scrutiny of all-solid-state Li metal batteries and all-solid-state Li-sulfur batteries. Neutron imaging provides valuable insights into the dynamics of Li concentration, reaction mechanisms, and transport constraints in ASLBs. These insights are pivotal in contributing to the evolution of high-performance all-solid-state batteries.