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Neutron imaging the spatial progression of chemical oxidation of lithium-ion cathode material in a packed bed reactor...

by Devanshi Gupta, Yuxuan Zhang, Ziyang Nie, Gary Koenig Jr.
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Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
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In press
In press

Emerging electrochemical systems relevant to energy applications including redox targeted flow batteries rely on chemical redox of solid electroactive materials using dissolved redox couples. One configuration to facilitate contact between the redox shuttles and solid material which is volume efficient is a packed bed reactor. While methods have been reported to assess the overall progression by analysis of the packed bed reactor effluent, herein analysis of the spatial progression of the chemical redox will be reported. Combination of neutron and x-ray tomography enabled assessing the pore and particle structure in the packed bed reactor and the spatial homogeneity of the reaction at different overall extents of conversion of the reactor bed. These characterization tools provide methods to probe the chemical redox processes occurring within the reactor environment.