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Modified Bridgman anvils for high pressure synthesis and neutron scattering...

by Bianca Haberl, Jamie J Molaison, Joerg C Neuefeind, Luc Daemen, Reinhard Boehler
Publication Type
Journal Name
High Pressure Research
Publication Date
Page Numbers
426 to 437

A simple modified Bridgman design for large volume pressure anvils usable in the Paris-Edinburgh (PE) press has been demonstrated at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Spallation Neutron Source. The design shows advantages over the toroidal anvils typically used in the PE press, mainly rapid compression/decompression rates, complete absence of blow-outs upon drastic phase transitions, simplified cooling, high reliability, and relative low loads (∼40 tons) corresponding to relatively high pressures (∼20 GPa). It also shows advantages over existing large-volume diamond cells as sample volumes of ∼2–3 mm3 can be easily and rapidly synthesized. The anvils thus allow sample sizes sufficient for in situ neutron diffraction as well as rapid synthesis of adequate amounts of new materials for ex situ analysis via total neutron scattering and neutron spectroscopy.