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Ligand-Dependent Sodium Ion Dynamics within the A 2A Adenosine Receptor: A Molecular Dynamics Study...

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B
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Sodium ions have long been known to reduce the binding of agonists in many class-A GPCRs while having little effect on antagonist binding. Here, using long-time scale classical all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, we explore, in atomic detail, the motion of sodium ions within the ligand-binding pocket of the A2A adenosine receptor (A2A-AR) both in the presence and absence of ligands and in the active and inactive state. We identify novel secondary ion binding sites within the pocket and find that the types of ion motions within the pocket are highly dependent on the presence and type of ligand within the pocket. Our results provide a first step toward developing a molecular understanding of the impact of sodium ions on class-A GPCRs.