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A Lamination Model for Pressure-Assisted Sintering of Multilayered Porous Structures...

by Zhi-he Jin, Corson L Cramer
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Journal of Composites Science
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This work describes a lamination model for pressure-assisted sintering of thin, multilayered, and porous structures based on the linear viscous constitutive theory of sintering and the classical laminated plate theory of continuum mechanics. A constant out-of-plane normal stress is assumed in the constitutive relation. The lamination relations between the force/moment resultants and the strain/curvature rates are presented. Numerical simulations were performed for a symmetric tri-layer laminate consisting of a 10% gadolinia doped ceria (Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95-δ) composite structure, where porous layers were adhered to the top and bottom of a denser layer under uniaxially-applied pressures and the sinter forging conditions. The numerical results show that, compared with free sintering, the applied pressure can significantly reduce the sintering time required to achieve given layer thicknesses and porosities. Unlike free sintering, which results in a monotonic decrease of the laminate in-plane dimension, pressure-assisted sintering may produce an in-plane dimension increase or decrease, depending on the applied pressure and sintering time. Finally, the individual layers in the laminate exhibit different stress characteristics under pressure-assisted sintering.