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Integration of discrete-event dynamics and machining dynamics for machine tool: Modeling, analysis and algorithms

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Additive Manufacturing Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
321 to 332
Conference Name
North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC)
Conference Location
New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America
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Conference Date

Machining dynamics research lays a solid foundation for machining operations by providing stable combinations of spindle speed and depth of cut. Furthermore, machine learning has been applied to predict tool life as a function of cutting speed. However, the existing research does not consider the discrete-event dynamics in machine shop, i.e., the machine tool needs to process a series of parts in queue under various practical production requirements. This paper addresses the integration of discrete-event dynamics and machining dynamics to achieve cost savings in machining. A learning-based cost function is first proposed for the studied integrated optimization problem of machine tool. The proposed cost function utilizes the predicted tool life under different stable cutting speeds for further optimizing speed selection of machine tool to deal with the discrete-event dynamics in machine shop. Then, according to the practical production requirements, effective mathematical optimization models are developed for the related integrated optimization problems with the consideration of cost, makespan and due date, respectively. Numerical results show the effectiveness of our proposed methods and also the potential to be used in practice.