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Incommensurate Spiral Spin Order in CaMn2Bi2 Observed via High-Pressure Neutron Diffraction

by Madalynn G Marshall, Haozhe Wang, Antonio F Moreira Dos Santos, Bianca Haberl, Weiwei Xie
Publication Type
Journal Name
Inorganic Chemistry
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1736 to 1744

High-pressure neutron diffraction is employed to investigate the magnetic behavior of CaMn2Bi2 in extreme conditions. In contrast to antiferromagnetic ordering on Mn atoms reported at ambient pressure, our results reveal that at high pressure, incommensurate spiral spin order emerges due to the interplay between magnetism on the Mn atoms and strong spin–orbit coupling on the Bi atoms: sinusoidal spin order is observed at pressures as high as 7.4 GPa. First-principles calculations with a noncollinear spin orientation demonstrate band crossing behavior near the Fermi level as a result of strong hybridization between the d orbitals of Mn and the p orbitals of Bi atoms. Competing antiferromagnetic order is observed at different temperatures in the partially frustrated lattice. Theoretical models have been developed to investigate spin dynamics. This research provides a unique toolbox for conducting experimental and theoretical magnetic and spin dynamics studies of magnetic quantum materials via high-pressure neutron diffraction.