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The impact of entrained air on ocean waves...

by Juan M Restrepo, Alex Ayet, Luigi Cavalleri
Publication Type
Journal Name
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics
Publication Date
Page Numbers
285 to 293

We make a physical–mathematical analysis of the implications that the presence of a large number of tiny bubbles may have, when present, on the thin upper layer of the sea. In our oceanographic example, the bubbles are due to intense rain. It was found that the bubbles increase momentum dissipation in the near surface and affect the surface tension force. For short waves, the implications of increased vorticity are momentum exchanges between wave and mean flow and modifications to the wave dispersion relation. For the direct effect we have analyzed, the implications are estimated to be non-significant when compared to other processes of the ocean. However, we hint at the possibility that our analysis may be useful in other areas of research or practical application.