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Hot and dense matter equation of state probability distributions for astrophysical simulations...

by Xingfu Du, Andrew W Steiner, Jeremy Holt
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Physical Review C
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We add an ensemble of nuclei to the equation of state for homogeneous nucleonic matter to generate a new set of models suitable for astrophysical simulations of core-collapse supernovae and neutron star mergers. We implement empirical constraints from (i) nuclear mass measurements, (ii) proton-proton scattering phase shifts, and (iii) neutron star observations. Our model is also guided by microscopic many-body theory calculations based on realistic nuclear forces, including the zero-temperature neutron matter equation of state from quantum Monte Carlo simulations and thermal contributions to the free energy from finite-temperature many-body perturbation theory. We ensure that the parameters of our model can be varied while preserving thermodynamic consistency and the connection to experimental or observational data, thus providing a probability distribution of the astrophysical hot and dense matter equation of state. We compare our results with those obtained from other available equations of state. While our probability distributions indeed represent a large number of possible equations of state, we cannot yet claim to have fully explored all of the uncertainties, especially with regard to the structure of nuclei in the hot and dense medium.