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High-pressure inelastic neutron scattering study of the anisotropic S=1 spin chain [Ni(HF2)(3−Clpyradine)4]BF4...

by Daniel M Pajerowski, Andrey A Podlesnyak, Jacek Herbrych, Jamie L Manson
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Physical Review B
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[Ni(HF2)(3−Clpyradine)4]BF4 (NBCT) is a one-dimensional, S=1 spin-chain material that shows no long-range magnetic order down to thermometer temperatures of 0.1 K. Previous ambient pressure inelastic neutron scattering experiments identified NBCT to be in the large-D quantum paramagnetic phase of the D/J phase diagram, where D is the axial single-ion anisotropy and J is the intrachain superexchange. Here, we extend the previous experiments to a hydrostatic pressure of 0.9 GPa. By comparing to density matrix renormalization group calculations, we find D/J increases from 1.5 to 3.2 as pressure increases from 0 GPa to 0.9 GPa, which pushes the system further into the large-D phase.