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by Willem Blokland, Michael A Plum, Charles C Peters, David L Brown, John D Galambos
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Conference Name
Eleventh International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Applications of Accelerators
Conference Location
Brugges, Belgium
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Satisfying operational procedures and limits for the beam –target interface is a critical concern for high power operation at spallation neutron sources. At the Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) a number of protective measures are instituted to ensure that the beam position, beam size and peak intensity are within acceptable limits at the target and high power Ring Injection Dump (RID). The high power beam dump typically handles up to 50 100 kW of beam power and its setup is complicated by the fact that there are two separate beam components simultaneously directed to the dump. The beam on target is typically in the 800-1000 kW average power level, delivered in sub-μs 60 Hz pulses. Setup techniques using beam measurements to quantify the beam parameters at the target and dump will be described. However, not all the instrumentation used for the setup and initial qualification is available during high power operation. Additional techniques are used to monitor the beam during high power operation to ensure the setup conditions are maintained, and these are also described.