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A framework for hybrid manufacturing cost minimization and preform design

by Tony L Schmitz, Gregory M Corson, David Olvera Trejo, Christopher T Tyler, Kevin S Smith
Publication Type
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CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology
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1 to 5

This paper describes preform design optimization in hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing. In hybrid manufacturing, the question of what form and what geometry the additive preform should take has largely been a matter of intuition and experience, or trial and error. The choice of a more optimal preform depends on the target parameters, such as stiffness, cost, or lead time. We demonstrate a framework for preform optimization using static stiffness, and then the combined cost of additive and subtractive manufacturing, while respecting stable cutting conditions for the tool-part combination. The procedure is illustrated by comparing three preform geometries for a thin wall.