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Fabrication and testing of high-performance all-metal neutron guides and axisymmetric mirrors by electrochemical replication...

Publication Type
Journal Name
MRS Advances
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1513 to 1528

Neutron scattering is one of the most useful methods of studying the structure of matter, with applications to biomedical, structural, magnetic and energy-related materials. Neutron-scattering instruments are installed around research reactors or accelerator-based neutron sources, and neutron guides are critical components of these facilities. They are neutron-transport optical devices consisting of state-of-the-art mirrors often tens of meters long. Here we demonstrate a novel fabrication method of all-metallic neutron guides and axisymmetric mirrors by electroplating from precision mandrels. The process allows for the fabrication of single-piece all-metal guides of prismatic and axisymmetric shapes. We also demonstrate supermirror guides and axisymmetric focusing supermirrors produced with the same technology. We present the fabrication and tests of the multilayer-coated replicated guides and optic and show that the mandrel is reproduced with high fidelity and reliability. Such supermirror optics will provide game-changing improvements in neutron techniques.