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Examining Deformation Localization of Irradiated Tungsten under Uniaxial Compression with Crystal Plasticity...

by Yuanyuan Wang, Xin Sun, Jijun Zhao
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International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials
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In this work, the deformation behavior of irradiated tungsten at elevated service temperatures is examined using mechanism-based crystal plasticity finite element framework by considering multiple mechanisms, including thermal softening and irradiation hardening. The previously developed mechanism-based crystal plasticity model is first utilized to assess the yield stress of unirradiated and irradiated tungsten upon low-temperature irradiation. The engineering stress-strain response under uniaxial compression is then predicted by considering the effect of irradiation-induced defect clusters on the motion of deformation-induced dislocations, and the predicted results agree well with the experimental measurements. More importantly, the formation and evolution of plastic strain localization zones in the form of shear bands are qualitatively captured, and the maximal principal strain distribution is quantitatively linked to the dose of irradiation damage. Finally, the deformation-induced shear band as a result of plastic instability in the compressed tungsten specimen is discussed.