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Effects of sodium and calcium chloride ionic stresses on model yeast membranes revealed by molecular dynamics simulation...

by Micholas D Smith, Micholas D Smith, Jeremy C Smith
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Chemistry and Physics of Lipids
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As efforts to move a renewable economy grow, it will be necessary to make use of microbial conversion strategies for the production of novel materials or the upgrading of waste to high-value products. One critical technical challenge currently limiting waste upgrading remains the difficulty in obtaining single-pot conversion techniques where physical, chemical, and biological conversion are performed in a single step. To overcome this challenge, a detailed understanding of how different stresses impact microbial membrane stability will be necessary. Using all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, we examine the impacts of moderate concentrations of NaCl and CaCl2on a model yeast plasma membrane. Weak, though statistically significant, changes in membrane morphology and dynamics functions are observed that are consistent with swelling and stiffening. Additionally, an examination of the ion-lipid contacts and the behavior of water at the water-membrane interface suggests that the impacts of these common salts may, in part, be mediated through changes to water-membrane hydrogen-bonding and hydration water dynamics.