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Chemical redox of lithium-ion solid electroactive material in a packed bed flow reactor...

by Devanshi Gupta, Yuxuan Zhang, Ziyang Nie, Jing Wang, Gary Koenig Jr.
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Chemical Engineering Science
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Chemical redox reactions between solid electroactive materials and dissolved electroactive compounds are a necessary component of emerging technologies relevant to renewable energy including high energy density flow batteries and battery material recycling. In this work, an initial investigation of heterogeneous chemical redox for a packed bed reactor configuration between solid electroactive material and dissolved redox shuttles will be described. Experimental conditions including the height of the packed bed, the redox shuttle solution concentration, solution flow rate, and operating temperature were varied and their impact on the molar conversion of the solid electroactive material in the packed bed was quantified using electroanalytical techniques on the reactor effluent. The progression of the reaction and its dependence on the different variables explored will be discussed in the context of the limiting processes for porous packed aggregates of the solid electroactive material undergoing chemical oxidation.