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Calculations vs. measurements of remnant dose rates for SNS spent structures...

by Irina I Popova, Franz X Gallmeier, Steven M Trotter, Michael J Dayton
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Publication Date
Page Number
Conference Name
International Workshop on Accelerator Radiation Induced Activation (ARIA 2017)
Conference Location
Lund, Switzerland
Conference Sponsor
European Spallation Source
Conference Date

Residual dose rate measurements were conducted on target vessel #13 and proton beam window #5 after extraction from their service locations. These measurements were used to verify calculation methods of radionuclide inventory assessment that are typically performed for nuclear waste characterization and transportation of these structures. Neutronics analyses for predicting residual dose rates were carried out using the transport code MCNPX and the transmutation code CINDER90. For transport analyses complex and rigorous geometry model of the structures and their surrounding are applied. The neutronics analyses were carried out using Bertini and CEM high energy physics models for simulating particles interaction. Obtained preliminary calculational results were analysed and compared to the measured dose rates and overall are showing good agreement with in 40% in average.