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Alkali-facilitated deep eutectic solvent for effective bamboo saccharification...

by Xianzhi Meng, Arthur J Ragauskas
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Bioresource Technology
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Herein, a Na2S promoted deep eutectic solvent (DES) was established to reduce the natural recalcitrance of moso bamboo (MB) and improve the subsequent enzymatic saccharification. It was found that the addition of Na2S (Choline chloride/Ethylene glycol/Na2S) dramatically promoted the deconstructions of lignin with highest removal of 74.67 %, but at the same time preserved glucan and hemicellulose to the maximum extent. With the fractionation, the enzymatic saccharification yield of pretreated MB can reach 100 % under the pretreatment condition of 140 °C, and lignin could be readily recovered with a high yield of 81.47 %. The proposed DES is superior to normal alkaline DES in terms of the higher lignin removal and recovery yield, carbohydrate preservation and enzymatic digestibility, which indicated Na2S as a novel and powerful reinforcer enhancing the DES fractionation efficiency.