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Software Development Environment Project

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Principal Investigator
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The science of the future must be multi-domain and interconnected to usher in the next generation of discoveries and transformative inventions. Software Development Environment (SDE) is one the main thrusts that will propel us in envisioning this future. Currently, SDE facilitates scientific research breakthroughs via algorithmic automation, databases and storage, optimization and structure, pervasive environmental monitoring, among others. However, SDEs lacks interoperability and reusability, are narrow in their implementation and are largely isolated within the respective scientific disciplines. Inspired by the scalable systems-of-systems framework for ORNL, this projects will develop ONE-SDE -- the design and development of a secure, reusable SDE for interconnected science eco-systems. This environment will allow operational and managerial independence whilst providing opportunities for the researchers to reuse software components from other domains and build universal solution libraries. This system will also decompose functionality into loosely coupled software services for interoperability among a number of solutions that do not scale beyond a single domain and/or application. 


Group Leader - Software Engineering Group
Addi Thakur Malviya