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Nonproliferation Systems

The mission of the Nonproliferation Systems (NS) Group is to design, develop, and deliver software applications and provide management support for nonproliferation activities related to the Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) efforts. The group does this by

  • creating, hosting, and managing interactive applications and analysis tools—enabling information sharing, project management, and complex system calculations in support of nonproliferation projects
  • providing a structured, customized approach to application development, user support, and secure data and server management through close interface with nonproliferation customers
  • managing IT projects through the complete software development lifecycle, including cyber-security, DOE/NNSA, and organization-specific compliance

The NS Group is comprised of three virtual teams that highlight the core capabilities of the group.

The Project Management Team is responsible for the scope, schedule, and budget of all projects in the NS group. The Project Management Team uses a range of methodologies, from waterfall to agile, depending on the size of the project and requirements of the sponsoring organization.

The Software Development Team is responsible for programming, testing, documentation, and data architecture. The team works with project managers and customers to define and document specific design requirements, interpreting functional processes into working software utilizing coding languages, tools, and techniques best suited to the problem.

The IT Operations Team is responsible for implementation, infrastructure, user support, and cyber security. The team provides the tools necessary for effective hosting and distribution of applications to end users; implementation of virtual server and storage technologies for flexibility and cost-effectiveness; secure access to applications and data through electronic registration and authentication processes; and helpdesk support via phone and email for resolving user issues.