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Integration Project

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Principal Investigator
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This project addresses the frameworks and platforms to support the designs and operations of domain science projects by integrating the technologies, both existing and under development, into current working ecosystems systems. Two classes of integration technologies are being developed: (a) networks, measurements and analytics frameworks to implement, profile, monitor and ensure the end-to-end performance, and (b) virtualized infrastructure twin (VIT) platforms that provide the same software environment as physical infrastructure to support the development and testing of component technologies and the design compositions of the ecosystems. The project team works closely with domain science project teams to develop the requirements, identify the needed component hardware and software systems, and provide design and operations tools including custom VITs and testbeds, and performance analytics. In particular, custom VITs enable the software development and testing while the ecosystem infrastructure is being designed, developed and/or established. For multi-site ecosystems, VITs reflect the local and wide-area networks and incorporate digital twins of instruments, including EPICS modules for beamline instruments, Nion Swift microscope emulators and ROS for mobile robots and manipulators. This team continually identifies critical architectural, networking and software parts that benefit multiple projects, and coordinate their development and deployment with cross-cutting and project teams.



Corporate Fellow
Nagi Rao